Connected Products

To honour our commitment to circular fashion, we have partnered with Eon, a leading digital identity platform for fashion and apparel. Eon connects the physical and digital worlds by linking products to their digital identities. Creating products with digital identities unlocks a world of stories and insights throughout the product life cycle. It’s a Connected Products Economy, one which maximizes the product and material value to the benefit of the customer, society and environment.

Eon's CircularID™ Standard is the first global standard digital system for identification and management of products in the circular economy. With this technology, a product is complete with a Digital Identity. The data shared through the Digital Identity enables the product to consistently communicate and share essential information about itself for reuse, resale, repair, rental, reverse logistics, recycling and more.

We will pilot our first Digital Identity items as part of our Resort 2021 collection. By scanning a QR code attached to our garment labels, our customers can learn more about their Resort 2021 garment’s journey, along with tailored care instructions and how they can eventually repair, resell and rent out their piece.