SS20 Womenswear — Faded By The Sun

Nanushka’s Spring/Summer 2020 womenswear collection commemorates a nostalgic manifestation of summertime memories. The collection focuses on summer silhouettes and natural coloration to create a rich collective of draped garments mixed with Mediterranean elements in a tribute to Loulou de la Falaise’s summer of 1972 spent in Patmos.

Tribal elements are mixed with Riviera inspired styles, while flowing shapes and cinched accentuations melt together to create a warm-weather wardrobe for the modern woman.
With different eras of culture and tradition being explored, classic tailoring is displayed in column silhouettes in a fitted and flowy way for a breezy feel. An antique Greek aesthetic is channeled by draping, layering, and tying.
Volumes of clothes are featured in extra-large proportions that revisit masculine dressing styles. Meanwhile, signature vegan leather is rethought with draping and overlock stitching.
Ceramic beads, buttons, and garment endings are handmade with a more mindful approach in collaboration with Noha Studio, resulting in special and individually unique hardware for the collection.

Art Direction:
Hair Styling:
Set Design:
Graphic Design:

Lena C. Emery
Alexandra Carl
Benjamin Grillon
Luke Cousins
Tamara Jolesz
Fara Homidi
David Harbrow
Bureau Betak
Julia Lange
Anna Hidvegi