The Ukraine Crisis

Nanushka's statement of support for the citizens of Ukraine

Nanushka stands in solidarity with the citizens of Ukraine. 

Nanushka is a house headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Ukraine and Hungary have shared a border since 1991, when Ukraine declared itself an independent country from Soviet Socialist rule. 

Nanushka’s Founder and Creative Director, Sandra Sandor, was born while Hungary was still under a Socialist political system. Sandor therefore has a close understanding of, and emotional connection to, today’s invasion. 

In this instance, we are donating revenue from our e-commerce to fund the launch of several projects that will draw further attention to the war in Ukraine and offer continual support. 

We’ve partnered with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta to provide accomodation, food, clothing and transport to and in Budapest for those seeking shelter as they leave Ukraine. We will also continue to support requests from the charity for items of need.

We’re working with Budapest’s Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) to create a Help Pakk scheme, supplying care packages that provide people with the basic necessities required to start a new life.

We’ve also teamed up with Maverick Lodges to continually provide additional shelter for those who have fled Ukraine.

Nanushka will continue to donate support and funds to the citizens of Ukraine. We encourage others from our industry to seek out ways to support the humanitarian effort, from personal and corporate donations, to using their own channels to present information that can be shared widely. 

As a business and as part of the Vanguards Group, we are also introducing a programme to extend this support to members of our industry from Ukraine who find themselves in such a challenging situation. We are pledging to provide support to maintain their businesses - whether that be a place to work or access to advice and education. 

Nanushka is also pausing its business arrangements with Russia. This is an essential action for us during the current situation. This decision is not against our Russian clients, or friends, but a stand against the invasion of Ukraine. Our action commits to cease delivery of orders placed and unfulfilled, and to temporarily take no further orders from our Russian partners. 

Please follow the link below to find charities and organizations that you can support.

For further information please contact our Press Relations team. We will continue to update on our progress. 

Thank you.