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Sustainability report

Our sustainability report aims to present an accurate and comprehensive account of our annual initiatives and impact. Focusing on the accountability, traceability and transparency of all our operations and supply chain, it solidifies our aspirations and identifies new improvement opportunities.

Sustainability is at the heart of Nanushka. Our collections are built creatively through a consistent dedication to responsible production and, in all that we do, we adhere to our deep appreciation and respect for nature, community and the world around us.

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Introducing OKOBOR™: Our New Alt-Leather
OKOBOR™ is exclusive to Nanushka. Our new alternative to leather, with 100% recycled backing and a more responsible composition. Previously referred to as vegan leather, this alt-leather is free from the use of animal skin or derivatives. Read more >
Circularity – the future of fashion
Circularity is a core pillar of Nanushka’s sustainability strategy. Discover how it operates, from design principles to resource utilisation. Read more >
A Future for our Forests
Find out more about our commitment to Canopy, the organisation saving forests through business innovation. Read more >
Repair, Rent, Recycle
Find out how our partnership with Eon helps to create a more sustainable, circular fashion model, which ultimately extends the life of your Nanushka garments. Read more >
Material Innovations: Where We’re Heading
No part of the fashion business is as exciting as the future of its fabrics. Here, we explore the material innovation coming out of universities, laboratories and factori­­­es around the world and how Nanushka is at the forefront of an exciting new phase. Read more >
Sandra Sandor on Sustainability
Nanushka Creative Director, Sandra Sandor, talks about how she first fell in love with nature, why we should all strive to live responsibly and how a combination of tradition and technology is going to help us establish a new paradigm. Read more >
Climate change, equal opportunities & 100% sustainable products
Nanushka is committed to responsibility – it’s an integral part of what we do. Here’s what we’re focusing on for the future of our planet and its people. Read more >