Spring/Summer 2021
Human/Nature: Natural Order

Following from Resort 2021, we conclude our intimate study of the relationship between humanity and nature with our second part for Spring/Summer 2021, subtitled Natural Order.

The emphasis is on a collection that is not only inspired by the natural world, but works with it, powerfully through design cues and conscious craftsmanship.

The design duality between the natural world and our interaction and connection to it is most felt in fabric choice and innovation. Materials are directly aligned to comfort, function and sensory experience.

Designed and developed at a time unlike any other in recent memory, the collection aims to capture the beauty and utility of garments made to interact with the world around them. The balance is beautifully achieved through the use of regenerated leather, vegan leather and recycled components with pieces equally at home within the everyday or the ethereal.

Comfort, connection and presence are the goals of the collection for the audience; items that exude a primal elegance, much like nature itself.

Natural Order is both a sub-title and a goal of the brand, encouraging those who step into the new season’s collection to reframe and reconsider how they connect with the world, and more intimately with people and nature around them, to foster a deeper appreciation of self, society and environment.

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  • Jeremy Everett
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  • Sienna King, Eugenia, Nile
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  • Bellhouse Markes
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