Spring/Summer 2022
“Presenting the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Harmónia is a beautifully idiosyncratic view of freedom, movement and joy. Directed by Isaac Lock and created in partnership with NOWNESS.”
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Fall/Winter 2021
'Forced Perspectives'
“Following the previous season's cerebral exploration of Surrealism, the Fall/Winter 2021 collection, titled Forced Perspectives, riffs on the Surrealists’ archetypal cue of Optical Illusion.”
Pre-Fall 2021
“Inspired by the creative context of Surrealist art, Pre-Fall 2021 continues a commitment to experimentation in design direction, where experimentation, newness and innovation help drive optimism.”
Resort 2021
'Human/Nature: Reflection'
“A collection that explores our long-standing sources of inspiration: nature, the elements, the organic, their colours and textures.”
Fall/Winter 2020
'Paris Fashion Week Presentation'
“Entitled ‘Bourgeois Grunge’, Nanushka’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection juxtaposes the sobriety of ‘70s bourgeois society with the anarchic spirit of grunge.”
Spring/Summer 2020
Paris Fashion Week presentation
“Faded By The Sun” focuses on summer silhouettes and natural coloration to create a rich collective of draped garments mixed with Mediterranean elements.”
Fall/Winter 2019
'Mystery Child' collection
“The collection introduces Nanushka's first menswear collection. An infusion that brings nostalgic styles to life, Fall/Winter 2019 marks the beginning of a new Nanushka era.”
Pre-Fall 2019
“The collection embraces effortless femininity that reflects the brand’s signature modern nomadic aesthetics infused by 70’s interior design inspirations.”
Spring/Summer 2019
‘Totem’ collection
“The collection revisits its deeply rooted influence of distant cultural references evoked by ancient Egypt’s symbolism and the refined version of the Wild Western Rodeo.”
Resort 2019
‘Urban Nomad’ collection
“The collection is the combination of the Past, which represents the calmness and deep roots with nature; and the Present, which is influenced by the vibrant, multicultural city.”
California State of Mind
“Follow your inner Golden Arrow! Take it all in and embrace the enriching imprint this journey leaves on you.”
Fall/Winter 2018
‘Golden Arrow’ collection
‘I have realized that what drives me as a designer is how I can create a bridge between distant cultural references from different times and different places.’ - Sandra Sandor
Resort 2017
‘Travelogue’ collection
‘The “Travelogue” collection is featuring true Nanushka staples redefined. Each style is easy to wear and combine, and the garments ultimately become alive when they’re in movement.’