We’re celebrating the launch of our Lunar New Year collection with Amber Kuo. Here the actor and singer/songwriter tells us what this time of year means to her, how she will be marking the festivities and what lies ahead for 2022.

“New Year is a very important holiday to me. It’s like a time point of change, requiring complete rest and, at the same time, expecting something new to happen.”

“I’ll put down everything that usually distracts me and focus on being with the ones I love for this special week. I’ll also draw the zodiacs on red pocket envelopes, starting from the day before Lunar New Year’s Eve. It’s something we do every year.”

“My favorite memory of this time is my whole family having Lunar New Year's Eve dinner at a round table. Everyone is busy preparing all kinds of dishes for this big meal. And, before eating, everyone freshens up and puts on new clothes. It’s the best reunion.”

“For 2022, I hope that my music continues to evolve with a variety of interesting approaches. As both an actor and singer/songwriter, I’m restarting all the time, starting my identity from scratch. Acting and music help me expand more of my sensitive characteristics and encourage me to keep thinking.”

“One of the most important things I’ve learned about myself so far is that I can be a window, so that people passing by me can see the scenery hidden in me.”