The Resort 2022 collection, titled Material Forms, explores the unconventional materials associated with the 1960s Italian modernist movement Arte Povera (‘Poor Art’). Get to know the collection below.

“Luciano Fabro’s bed linen series was an initial point of inspiration - frames of cotton and silk that evoke the lightness and rigour of classical art.

I considered how the artistic potential of a piece of clothing could be redefined by using a varied range of materials to challenge the creative capacity of design.”

Sandra Sandor, Nanushka Creative Director

Shirts and pants are imagined in cotton percale, a fabric often associated with bedding, to create crisp, comforting silhouettes. Wool bouclé features throughout, for a homely but luxurious feeling, while 3D slip tops are made using Dribble Ribbon, a material innovation exclusive to Nanushka.

Playfulness is clear. Bolder, striking shapes are set against simple silhouettes. Crafty merrow stitching distinguishes this season’s signature vegan leather and slip satin separates. Traditional Hungarian cut-out shapes are interpreted as modern geometrics.

This season, accessories become a statement; a true imagining of the Nanushka world. Origami-inspired folding box bags in patent Vegan leather, a hand-crocheted bucket and an intricately woven basket bag made from upcycled material off-cuts celebrate conscious creativity.

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Inspired by Arte Povera’s use of strong colour, vibrant hues run through the season: orange, blue, pink and green add dynamic, energetic pops of true colour to the naturalistic Nanushka palette.

“Material Forms is built around a subversive yet elevated use of everyday elements, manifested through craft and hand technique. Responsible values are always at the heart of Nanushka.”
Sandra Sandor

Photography: Pierre-Ange Carlotti @Total World
Styling WW: Alexandra Carl @Streeters
Styling MW: Tom Guinness @Second Name
Make-Up: Mathias Van Hooff @M+A World
Hair: Pawel Solis @Artlist
Models: Rachel Marx @Women Management, Sarah Daoui @Oui,
Yenni Schwan @Smc Model Management,
Felix Cheong Macleod @Wilhelmina,
Souleymane Sacko @Next Models
Casting: Finlay Macaulay @Establishment
Creative Production: Fanni Szokoli
Production: Photopro Production
Graphic Design: Dániel Kelemen