• RESORT 2024

  • A Living Circle

Hungarian farming life and early agricultural traditions revealed workwear aesthetically akin to the uniform of American cattle ranchers. 

These two seemingly unconnected cultures, sharing one common visual language, served as a core inspiration.

Nanushka’s modern interpretation of this heritage focuses on western style detailing, from patchworking and paneling to chain stitch knitwear embroidery. Tactile woven fabrics and Hungarian farming prints communicate a simplistic ease and return to nature, while traditional western stitching on pockets, sleeves and collars incorporate the symbolic spiral motif and its deep connection to the earth.

The collection encourages a return to garments as they are handed down or outgrown. Distorted perceptions of fit are intentionally embraced: large, structural silhouettes subvert expected proportions, from paperbag-waist balloon trousers to elongated sleeve jackets and oversized tailoring. Conversely, shrunken proportions tell the story of clothing long outgrown that we are reluctant to part with.

Past fabrications are repurposed into new and surprising textures through textile exploration and manipulation. The smooth, lustrous feel of OKOBOR™ – Nanushka’s exclusive alternative to leather – is reborn for Resort 2024 with a tactile, densely ruched effect. Deadstock tech chiffon material is re-invigorated with a smocking technique that distorts a zebra print to create an entirely new texture.

Nanushka’s modern traveler aesthetic effortlessly lends a nomadic flair to the collection, through shearling, fringing and layering. Decorative padded crochet collars and minimal outerwear elevates technical wear, while constructed comfort blanket pieces, emulating bed sheets, pillows and duvets, are designed to be carried forever.