To celebrate the launch of Nanushka Sun Series: Ibiza, Nanushka commissioned choreographer Harry Price to devise an exclusive contemporary performance.

Taking place on the beach at sunset, to music by Mimi Xu and Awkward Moments, the dancers wore special pieces from our Sun Series edit, a vibrant curation of summer styles from our Resort 2022 and Spring/Summer 2022 collections.

He tells us what has gone into creating the piece.

“When creating movement my first step is understanding the feeling and intension behind it.
For me it is the most important thing — letting feeling inform the movement.
The physical steps are always secondary.”

“I’m interested in relationships — relationship to space, environment, to ourselves and to others.
This became the focus when creating the piece.
I wanted the performers to be actively engaged with the sand, the sun, with themselves, with each other.”

“I wanted the work to feel thoughtful and in the moment. I wanted the viewer to feel the echo through the group - the sensitivity between the performers. Subtle elegance and power all at the same time.

“Every body is different and has something unique to offer — that’s what I find so exciting when developing group movement work. The challenge is to try and find unity without loosing the individual.”

“I often tell my dancers to do less. I find joy seeing the subtle nuances within movement. A turn of the head, a bend of the knee, placing a hand on a shoulder. It’s about having the confidence to simply stand in a space, feeling both present and intensional, and for that to be enough.”

“Dance to me is necessary. It’s been with me my whole life although my relationship to it has changed over the years. More and more I find myself going back to my child dancer.Leaning into the play, expression and release that comes from moving your body.”

Watch the full film here.

Choreography: Harry Price
Music: Mimi Xu and Awkward Moments

Dancers: Caterina Danzico, Grace Jabbari, Federica Somma, J Bautista, Rhys Dennis, Chien-Shun Liao, Ben Todd Jones, Kassichana Okene-Jameson

Photography: Pablo Escudero