Spring/Summer 2023‘At the Atelier’

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection, entitled Spirit and Matter, is an exploration of craft and process. The presence of the atelier is felt in every Nanushka piece. A design process demands both craft and intuition, the ability to approach design organically and leave room for accident. The collection is a play on this idea: The human touch is not always visible. But it shines through in every detail.

Creative Director: Sandra Sandor
Music: Wertan & Co.
Location: Nanushka HQ
Models: Lili Hajdu @ the roster management
Domonkos Szendrei @ sam scott schiavo

Spring/Summer 2022‘Sun Series’

The Nanushka Sun Series is an annual celebration of summer experiences at our favourite destinations. Our inaugural residency at El Silencio, Ibiza, kicked off with a commissioned performance by choreographer Harry Price, taking place on the beach. Watch the exclusive performance here.

Choreography by Harry Price Projects
Music by Mimi Xu and Awkward Moments
Videography by Martha Treves

Fall/Winter 2022‘Industrial Craft’

Nanushka celebrates its creative study of functional and intuitive design for Fall/Winter 2022. Entitled Industrial Craft, the offer is a renewed interpretation of Sandra Sandor’s ongoing axiom - that if a garment is designed to function well, it will, by definition, be beautiful.

Nanushka and Joe Sweeney

Discover the story of our collaboration with conceptual artist Joe Sweeney, represented by Cob Gallery. Celebrating Sweeney's new recipe book, 'Still, Life', our partnership begins with an installation at Nanushka’s London Flagship store on Bruton Street centred around a life-sized feast table.

Directed by Tobias Ross-Southall
Creative Direction by Push Button Generation

Spring/Summer 2022'Harmónia'

“Presenting the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Harmónia is a beautifully idiosyncratic view of freedom, movement and joy. Directed by Isaac Lock and created in partnership with NOWNESS.”
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Pre-Fall 2021'Teleport'

“Inspired by the creative context of Surrealist art, Pre-Fall 2021 continues a commitment to experimentation in design direction, where experimentation, newness and innovation help drive optimism.”

Resort 2021'Human/Nature: Reflection'

“A collection that explores our long-standing sources of inspiration: nature, the elements, the organic, their colours and textures.”

Fall/Winter 2020 'Paris Fashion Week Presentation'

“Entitled ‘Bourgeois Grunge’, Nanushka’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection juxtaposes the sobriety of ‘70s bourgeois society with the anarchic spirit of grunge.”

“Faded By The Sun” focuses on summer silhouettes and natural coloration to create a rich collective of draped garments mixed with Mediterranean elements.”

Spring/Summer 2020 Paris Fashion Week presentation