How does it work?


Book your service

Select repair from our list and describe what you would like done.


SOJO gets to work

Expert tailors work on your item, ensuring that it functions flawlessly.


Tailored to you

The item is returned to you via door-to-door collection and delivery in London, and a postal service nationwide.

About SOJO

SOJO is the clothing and repair platform for people and businesses, built on the belief that a sustainable fashion future is possible.


Who is SOJO?

SOJO is the clothing and repair platform built on the belief that a sustainable fashion future is possible. We’ve partnered with SOJO to offer bespoke services on your Nanushka items.

Where are SOJO based?

SOJO’s studio is in East London, UK and provides a door-to-door collection and delivery service in London and a reliable postal service nationwide.

Where do you offer SOJO?

SOJO’s services are available for all our UK customers.

How long will it take?

In London, SOJO's riders deliver your item back to your door within five days. If based elsewhere in the UK, you can expect your items to be returned within seven days. If you would like to change the date or time of your collection or drop off please contact SOJO as soon as possible at and they will do their best to accommodate your request.

What services does SOJO offer? How do customers communicate the service they want for the garment?

When using the online booking flow, customers will be shown all of SOJO’s repair options. When in doubt, SOJOs team of experts are standing by and will respond swiftly to all email enquiries at

How should I package my item?

For London customers, when your SOJO rider arrives to collect your clothes, all you need to do is hand them over. They will then carefully place them into your reusable SOJO package and label with your order number.

For customers elsewhere in the UK, box or package your order, print your label and drop-off your package at any of the 6,000+ DPD drop-off locations in Great Britain.