2021 Supply Chain

The map shows the countries in which our collections were made in 2021. We produced the Spring/Summer 2021, Pre-Fall 2021, Fall/Winter 2021 and Resort 2022 collections during this period. The percentages next to the country names signify the proportion of production Nanushka had in a given country for our finished goods, or proportion of materials sourced from a given country - reaching a traceability of 96%. Please do consider that in the map the following countries have not been included as the share of materials sourced is <1%: Bulgaria (0,79%), India (0,24%), France (0,04%), Germany (0,03%) and Hungary (0,01%).

In 2021, we worked with 45 garment manufacturers, 56% of which are in close proximity to our headquarters in Budapest. This allows us to build and maintain a close and personal relationship with our supply chain partners. We visit most of our Tier 1 suppliers at least once a year, to assess how they work and to better support the implementation of certain policies. We similarly work to maintain a strong relationship with our more remote factories. Unfortunately, global travel restrictions in light of COVID-19 affected our annual visits in 2021.

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Finished goods (11,80%)

ready-to-wear, accessories0/7 manufacturers visited in 2021.

Materials (44,01%)


Finished goods (69,60%)

ready-to-wear, accessories19/24 manufacturers visited in 2021.


Finished goods (3,95%)

ready-to-wear, accessories1/5 manufacturers visited in 2021.

Materials (18,78%)


Materials (4,36%)


Materials (1,22%)


Finished goods (0,03%)

ready-to-wear0/1 manufacturers visited in 2021.


Finished goods (8,55%)

ready-to-wear, denim3/6 manufacturers visited in 2021.

Materials (9,10%)


Finished goods (0,57%)

ready-to-wear0/1 manufacturers visited in 2021.


Finished goods (5,20%)

knitwear0/1 manufacturers visited in 2021.


Materials (6,87%)

South Korea

Materials (1,87%)


Materials (8,19%)