At Nanushka, we believe that if a garment is designed to function well it will, by definition, be beautiful.

Keeping a beautiful garment functional is also about after-care, and as a brand that wants our garments to be loved and used for years, it is essential for us to support and champion circularity. 

Nanushka is proud to partner with SOJO to provide expert repairs for our UK customers. This partnership will ensure Nanushka items can be cherished for as long as possible by offering door-to-door repair and altering services.

"I am very excited that we are finally able to launch our partnership with SOJO and bring this door-to-door repair and creative mending service to our UK customers. Expert partners like SOJO make it easier for conscious customers to extend the life cycle of our garments - so they can continue to wear and love them for future seasons. ” – Sandra Sandor, Founder and Creative Director of Nanushka 

To launch the partnership, we invited the SOJO team to explore visible mending on some of our favourite pieces. A playful capsule explores artistic repair techniques through a Nanushka design lens and with the skills of SOJO’s expert craftspeople. One-of-a-kind garments, adorned with Kopjafa patches, woven fringing, and patchwork panelling are available exclusively at Nanushka’s London store in November 2023.