Kopjafa first appeared in Hungary in the 16th century, acting as grave markers in the areas surrounding the Danube and Tisza rivers. The motifs on these wooden pillars referenced the deceased’s characteristics, and would be carved into oak or acacia by skilled craftspeople. In the 20th century, the role of these pillars began to evolve, and became a cultural artifact that reflects and honours Hungarian heritage and history.

Nanushka uses the Kopjafa symbols to represent our brand spirit, and to showcase our respect for the Hungarian heritage that the brand is born from.

You can find information about the different Kopjafa symbols below.

  • The Star

    Indicates great knowledge. Could also mean teacher. Shows rank, both officially and within the family.

  • The Checkerboard

    Represents Nanushka’s playful
    and contemporary craft.

  • The Cross

    The young male child, derived

    from the symbol of the male gender.

  • The Crescent Moon

    Symbolises the female gender.

    Girls wear a similarly-shaped coronet on their heads during festive occasions.

  • The Cosmic World, Sun

    This symbol is believed to have healing powers.

  • The Tulip

    The wife, or married female’s symbol.
    The tulip flower represents the cross-section of the womb.

Aladár Ambrus, a master woodcarver of over 40 years, crafted 7 bespoke Kopjafa with unique Nanushka motifs, inspired by the visual language of traditional Kopajafa. Historically, craftspeople would create Kopjafa as a favor in exchange for future reciprocity from other members of the community, using an axe to strip and shape the wood. Symbols would then be carefully carved out with a hatchet, with hard-to-reach parts fashioned by a chisel.


Embroidered Washed Canvas Jacket

Demonstrating our commitment to new heritage, the Miller jacket is intricately embroidered with traditional Hungarian kopjafa motifs. It is made from washed canvas for a soft yet durable feel and has an easy-going, relaxed fit.

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Quilted Tech Poplin Vest

The Lise vest is cut from our utilitarian tech poplin for a cropped boxy fit. With the aim of preserving tradition through reinvention, the quilted finish is made up of Kopjafa motifs – emblems that are found on traditional Hungarian totems. It can be reversed to a plain side for styling versatility.

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Embroidered Washed Canvas Jacket

New heritage is a core Nanushka design theme, demonstrated by the traditional Hungarian kopjafa motifs embroidered onto the Marlas jacket. It is crafted from washed canvas for a soft yet durable feel, and has an oversized silhouette that is perfect for layering.

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Quilted Tech Poplin Jacket

The Vico jacket expresses our new heritage ethos. It is made from our utilitarian tech poplin for a boxy, collarless fit with a quilted finish comprising traditional Kopjafa motifs – emblems that are found on Hungarian totems.

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