Continuing a commitment to experimentation in materials and design, our unisex collection of sunglasses explores Creative Director Sandra Sandor’s interest in minimal form and structure.

“As functional and stylistic accessories, sunglasses lend a true sense of creativity, an exploration of innovative techniques, of contrasting shapes and forms, light and dark, that is at the very heart of Nanushka’s design philosophy.”

Sandra Sandor, Founder and Creative Director

Cat-eye, square, D-Frame and oval frames are all updated with expressive touches that are recognisably Nanushka: from intricate gold-tone arms to angular cutouts that present a unique set of proportions and dimensions.

Colorways are similarly familiar yet inimitable: saturated tortoiseshell, transparent brown and champagne, and grey leopard complement lenses in varying degrees of opacity.

Material innovation continues to be key. The frames are cast from 68% bio-based plastic, which is made from natural and renewable materials that biodegrade in a composting environment; the lenses are also bio-based, comprising 39% natural and renewable resources such as castor oil; the pouch is made from leftover supplies of the brand’s signature cruelty-free vegan leather; and the cloth is made from 100% recycled polyester.

“It’s no coincidence that we’ve used sunglasses to communicate our vision, how we see and frame our world, for the year ahead.”
Sandra Sandor, Founder and Creative Director
Photographer & Director: Charlie Gates
DP: Rob Jarvis
Art Direction: Grace Margetson
Set Design: Samuel Pidgen
Hair: Michael Harding
Make-up: Ammy Drammeh
Models: Abigayl Anderson, Aksharaa Jandhyala, Annie Tice, Felix Cheong, Hamady
Casting: Establishment
Graphic Design: Zoltán Márton Nagy