• Fall/Winter 2024

Nanushka Fall/Winter 2024, ‘Reframing’, is an exploration of the transformative power of fabric manipulation in elevating the essence of understated silhouettes. 

Under the creative direction of Sandra Sandor, the collection draws inspiration from the work of American artist Tom Burr, resulting in a unique blend of stud detailing framing garment edges, and the incorporation of crushed and wrinkled textures.

Rooted in Nanushka’s Hungarian heritage, this season embraces traditional agricultural wear, introducing a faux sheep hide featured across both menswear and womenswear, alongside an A-line bonded shearling jacket reminiscent of a shepherd’s coat.

Felted wool is used to create a luxurious floor-length coat with peaked lapel detailing, and our iconic Ado jacket serves as the starting point for a deconstructed biker jumpsuit.

In menswear, faux Racka sheepskin is shaped into a coat that hangs to the floor, and used to accent the collar of a rounded bomber jacket. Studs frame the edges of garments, and our Kopjafa symbols are quilted into a washed tech velvet jacket.