Continuing a commitment to experimentation in design direction, Pre-Fall 2021, entitled Teleport, takes its cues from two worlds: the creative context of Surrealist art; and a natural absorption of the world around Creative Director, Sandra Sandor, in 2020. Get to know the collection below.

“I was immediately inspired by an abstracted picture frame in my home,”says Sandra Sandor.“And the more I delved into this inspiration, the more I could see that immediate connection with Surrealist motifs and cues. That is where we headed, looking at the relationship between form and organic shapes.”

Womenswear features a playfulness within a formal order - novelty denim, Bouclé knit and fluffy knit through a playful mix of form fitting and oversized sweaters and cardigans; alongside prints that border on fantasy - kaleidoscopic, logo tweed and jacquard ushering notions of dreamlike, yet sensual states.

More literally, inside-out seams and fraying are a direct reference to the journey inward, expressing itself outwardly: in short, teleporting in the inner voice to the outer world.

Menswear is defined by shrunken silhouettes in jackets that work alongside wide legged trousers and easy-to-wear chinos; whilst tailored outerwear will be available in both regenerated leather and linen canvas. The teleportation between the formal structure of the clothing will be furnished with trippy floral, blurred tie dye, fool’s paradise and illusional checks.

“This collection remains fully grounded in functionality and, to a degree, utility,”says Sandor.“But it’s also a truly creative collection. We’re exploring surprising opposites, upending or reimagining fabric techniques, or contrasting elements of light and dark, shape and form. We’re moving between states constantly and quickly.”

Teleport at its heart builds on the playful relationship of dualities, where experimentation, newness and innovation help drive optimism. As the world continues its rational response to the events around us, we keep our eyes focused on true creativity as a beacon of hope and joy in the months ahead.

Photography: Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Creative Direction: Jacobs+Talbourdet-Napoleone
Styling: Alexandra Carl
Set design: Till Duca
Make-up: Celine Martin
Hair: Joseph Pujalte
Model: Oudey @ouimanagement / Khadim @16paris
Casting: Ben Grimes
Creative production: Tamara Jolesz
Executive production: 360pm
Graphic design: Zoltán Márton Nagy