Nanushka Meets

Sophia Roe

Nanushka Meets award winning chef Sophia Roe photographed in her Brooklyn-based culinary studio, Apartment Miso.

 “I want to connect with people by putting myself out there. Every single piece of food I make by myself is a labour of love.”

“Food is an expressive medium, everything I do leads with creativity first. After working in many places with different people, cultures, palates and preferences, it’s helped me shape what my identity with food is.”

 “Storytelling through food is a balance between being able to be fluid with creativity, whilst delivering the substance of what people want.”

“One of the biggest inspirations of my food is created by staying off the internet. The main pillar of my wellness and my creative process is to step away, which allows me to rest and be authentically creative.”

“I like to play with fantasy, but at the same time I want food to be functional, much like with how I dress.”

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