Rent, Repair, Recycle

Embracing a new fashion model“Sustainable fashion is an oxymoron unless the business model changes,” asserts Natasha Franck, Founder & CEO of digital ID platform Eon. The app allows users to access essential information about their clothes production cycle to support repair, resale, rental and recycling.

Nanushka has teamed up with Eon to place digital passport QR codes within their products. By scanning the code on a garment’s label, you can learn about its journey, material composition and care instructions.“

A lot of people don’t know what to do with their products next,” says Franck. “How many things do we own where we’re like, ‘I purchased this two years ago... Is there a buy-back programme?’ We don’t remember if there’s a buy-back, or how to recycle it, or whether it’s biodegradable. That information needs to be with you when you’re making those decisions, so products should be digitised, connected and stewarded through a circular life cycle.

”You can use Eon to embrace a more sustainable, circular fashion model, which ultimately extends the life of your Nanushka garments. Here’s how:


“We now offer repairs at all of our stores,” says Nanushka’s Senior Sustainability Manager, Veronica Pravato. “It's part of our responsibility – we don't only offer a product, but also a service to ensure that you can enjoy that product for as long as possible.” There are repair services at all retail locations. Extra trims, buttons, zippers and more are available to allow every upcoming collection to be professionally repaired and restore items to like-new condition. We are also mending every repairable item in stock so that we can channel it back to sale through our outlets.

At Nanushka, we believe that if a garment is designed to function well it will, by definition, be beautiful. Keeping a beautiful garment functional is also about after-care - and as a brand that wants our garments to be loved and used for years, it is essential for us to support and champion circularity. In the UK, we are proud to have partnered with a local repair partner, SOJO. Offering a door-to-door repair service for all Nanushka items, SOJO will help Nanushka in ensuring our items can be cherished for as long as possible. Discover more about the partnership and book your repair here.


Once seen as an outlier in the industry, the rental market is emerging as a more conscious alternative to fast-paced fashion. Renting supports a more responsible way of consuming fashion by maximising the use of a product and lengthening its life cycle. We have partnered with platforms including Rent The Runway, HURR and Seasons NY to support and strengthen new ways of enjoying fashion that reduce the consumption of natural resources. The rental market also challenges us to create ever-more desirable and durable products that can be worn repeatedly and enjoyed by a variety of people. Rental is undeniably better for the environment and also provides customers with access to items at a fraction of the price.


Eon’s digital ID doesn’t just serve the customer - it also helps the recycler by providing the material composition, which will allow them to figure out how best to deal with a garment that’s at the end of its life cycle.