Giving Back

The Giving Back page is all about returning the love and support that our Nanushka family has provided us with. We believe that in order to move forward within the world, we must help others advance as well. We appreciate all that those have done for us, now it is our time to do the same of them.

Donation to Sri Lanka

It doesn’t matter if we’re thinking about April 21st as Earth Day, or as Easter Monday, there is simply too much to worry about within our world. Social media was flooded with images, tributes and words of sorrow regarding the burning of the Notre Dame - a Christian church and an iconic symbol of Paris.

On Easter Sunday, three churches and multiple hotels were attacked in Sri Lanka leaving 300 people dead, and countless injured. Although we are a smaller business with limited resources, we will be playing our part in making an impact by donating €25,000 (around 1% of Nanushka’s 2019 profit’s to date) to help the people of Sri Lanka overcome this devastation. We hope our small act of gratitude will inspire others to help make a change.

The Bibi Fund

In support of the Bibi Fund, Founder & Creative Director Szandra Sandor, along with CEO & Co-Owner Peter Baldaszti attended an auction gala dinner along with the appearances of Nanushka’s closest friends and dearest supporters on the 17th of January. Familiar names such as Enikő Mihalik, Camille Charriere, Alex Carl and Susie Lau entered the Banqueting House in London, England as guests of the Nanushka table in honor of Bianca Niedzielski and her family’s fight to find a cure for the rarest and aggressive childhood cancers.

As Christie’s Auction House hosted the affair, over 1 Million Pounds were raised which ended in a night of support, empathic appreciation and awareness. These efforts drove Nanushka to donate 10% of all purchases over Valentine’s Day until the 20th of February towards supporting the Bibi Fund.

Read more about the Bibi Fund and support their cause here.