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Sustainability at Nanushka

Craftsmanship, Experimentation & Progressivism

Our mission and vision

Our vision is to build a sustainable future.

Our mission is to develop holistic products and services that nurture the soul, nature, communities and fulfill their function.

Nanushka is the Modern Bohemian. Rebellious, free-spirited and progressive, we are driven by exploring the essence of life, ancient wisdom and modern spirituality. We cherish and protect the planet in everything we do. We love being citizens of this earth and exploring everything it has to offer – like art, gastronomy and design. We have an insatiable desire to explore more, gain inspiration and become better versions of ourselves.

Sustainability is the pillar of our brand and how we envision our present and future. For us, it’s all about making decisions with love and consideration for our planet and the people. We are just at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but we will always be committed to doing better. Our aim is to grow our market share as a sustainable brand.

Our means of building a sustainable business are based on three pillars - Craftsmanship, Experimentation and Progressivism.



We define craftsmanship as an intelligent use of materials that unites function with beauty, heritage with technology. Craftsmanship shows us new ways to use materials and save them from becoming waste. It also makes it possible to empower communities by providing job opportunities in crafts, increasing their health and wellbeing and supporting them to be active participants of society. To us, craftsmanship is a way of doing business: we know the people behind our products, this is how we rebel against facelessness.
Craftsmanship taps into emotional values too, encouraging a deeper, long-standing connection between the consumer and the clothes: the things we make with love and care are made to be loved and cared for by those who wear them.

Experimentation & Progressivism

We pledge to stay experimental and progressive. We strive to transform the way fashion is made, perceived and consumed by implementing new business models, by the purposeful use of technologies, considered materials and always seeking new solutions.

Our culture

In the past couple of years, Nanushka has grown from a family business into an increasingly international one, with a team representing more than ten nationalities. We believe that dogs are man's best friend and, for that reason, all of our spaces are animal-friendly. We welcome several dogs in our office, who never fail to brighten up our day.

We trust that individual engagement is the foundation of our long-term success as a brand. We can only become a sustainable company if we have everyone on board. We have developed a training program to empower our employees to make better decisions both on a personal and a professional level. We share #fridaysforfuture posts to discuss relevant sustainability topics and encourage conscious choices in our everyday lives – one of which was to order organic vegetable boxes from a local farm every week.


Our Design Approach

If a garment is designed to function well, it will by definition be beautiful. - Sandra Sandor

Our Creative Director, Sandra Sandor, builds every Nanushka collection on the foundation of functionality and practicality. Design at Nanushka is about creating effortless clothes that elevate you. Considered details, timeless design, conscious materials, and quality are at the core of our design approach. A Nanushka piece is meant to be worn with ease from day to night.

Our approach is to think holistically about the items we make and ask ourselves whether each manufacturing process respects people and the planet. We find inspiration in the natural elements and crafts from all over the world. Our own ceramics line, Nanoha, is handmade and imperfect in a uniquely beautiful way. We see waste as a design opportunity, constantly asking ourselves how to use it in the creation and recreation of looks.

We have a line of our most-wanted styles, which we offer every season without change. They are unique but still classic wardrobe staples that withstand the test of time.

In-house Atelier and Local Manufacturing

Our designers work under the same roof as our patternmakers in our very own atelier to develop the Nanushka collections. Working closely together, they create garments with high attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship, delivering function, quality and style without compromise.

The majority of our factories are a short car ride away, in either Hungary or Serbia. Our frequent visits foster a strong working relationship with the owners and employees, one built on shared values of sustainability, transparency, and responsibility.


Our Material Choices

The materials we choose directly impact the longevity and durability of our clothes, the way they can be cared for, as well as whether they become waste or part of a new cycle at the end of their use. Our material choices affect the equilibrium on which our eco-systems are built, and we place great attention in our sourcing and manufacturing practices to make sure they remain in balance.

Changing our mix of materials for better options takes time. Because of the long lead times of our business, the decisions we make today will be put into production in a year’s time. We have reviewed all the materials we have used in the past seasons to get a clearer picture of where we are now and what we have to change.

Our aim is to offer beautiful clothing made sustainably. We aim to continually increase the ratio of sustainable items in each coming collection.