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Fall/Winter 2023

The Nanushka Fall/Winter 2023 collection explores shifting shapes and perspectives: of silhouettes, of bodies, of norms and notions.

Spring/Summer 2023

Our latest collection, Spirit and Matter, is an exploration of craft and process: evident in the garments presented, and embodied in playful, hand-finished details.

Resort 2023

Resort 2023 demonstrates sleek refinement and aesthetic functionality in equal measure.

Fall/Winter 2022

Eccentricity and functionality run throughout our latest collection, entitled Industrial Craft.

The HIDE Jacket

We celebrate our brand icon, the HIDE jacket, with a playful and off-beat energy on the streets of Budapest.

Pre-Fall 2022

Our latest collection is a creative study of functional, intuitive and decorative design.

Harry Price for Nanushka Sun Series

Introducing Nanushka Sun Series: Ibiza, a celebration of summer experiences at Ibizan beach house El Silencio.

Spring/Summer 2022

Our Spring/Summer collection explores the creative potential of balance, tethering seemingly disparate materials, design motifs, cultures and references.

Lunar New Year 2022

Presenting our exclusive Lunar New Year collection, with actor and singer/songwriter, Amber Kuo.

Resort 2022

Our Resort 2022 collection is built around a subversive yet elevated use of everyday elements, manifested through craft and hand technique.

Pre-Fall 2021

Our Pre-Fall 2021 collection builds on the playful relationship of dualities, where newness and innovation help drive optimism.

Nanushka Eyewear

Our unisex collection of sunglasses continues our commitment to experimentation in materials and design.

Spring/Summer 2021

Following from Resort 2021, we conclude our intimate study of the relationship between humanity and nature this season.

Resort 2021

Our Resort 2021 collection reaffirms our powerful connection to nature and explores its transformation effect on the human world.

Nanushka x Alighieri

A collaboration with London-based jewelry brand Alighieri, exploring the notion of what it means to be a woman in modern society.